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Devastating work-related injuries can take you out of your job for weeks, months, years, or even permanently and seriously affect your financial and emotional health. A workers’ compensation attorney in Beaufort County, South Carolina, can ensure you get the money you deserve to stay financially secure and minimize your suffering. At Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC, we’re here to help you get your desired results.

South Carolina structures its workers’ compensation system to injured workers recover medical expenses, lost earnings, disability expenses, and much more. Injured workers may be eligible to receive financial support,  even if their employers did nothing wrong, but especially if they did. Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC will fight for your rights, file your paperwork, and ensure you get the money and benefits you deserve.

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Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Beaufort, South Carolina?

Every year, nearly three million workplace injuries cause severe suffering. Even a relatively minor problem, such as an ankle sprain, can become serious if left untreated if an employer forces an injured worker to continue working on it. That being said, not every injury qualifies for workers’ compensation insurance coverage; therefore, it is vital to work with us at Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC to determine if you are eligible.

Common injuries that may entitle an injured worker to compensation include getting hit by falling objects, slip and fall injuries, repetitive strain injuries, car accidents while delivering products or materials, working too hard (including excessive overtime), chemical exposure, and much more. Typically, if you are an employee and a work injury impacts your ability to work and it occurred on the job, you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Some employers try to deny workers’ compensation benefits for various reasons. For instance, some employers think their employees’ injuries aren’t severe enough to deserve benefits. Other employers think injured employees are faking injury, simply to get paid. These frustrating situations make little sense because businesses pay workers’ compensation insurance premiums and have insurance already in place, prepared to pay for the needs of injured employees.

Despite the fact that some employers try to deny workers’ compensation claims, denials are not uncommon and they affect employees’ financial health. At Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC, our team will fight for you to ensure you get the money and benefits you deserve. We’re a workers’ compensation law firm in Beaufort County, South Carolina and always ready to fight for our clients. We’ll do the hard work necessary to ensure you get the money and benefits due to you, thereby protecting you and your family.

What Workers’ Compensation Can Cover for You

After your work-related injury, you will have many expenses that must be covered. If you can’t work– temporarily or permanently–you’ll likely quickly drain your checking and savings accounts and be in a very problematic situation. A good workers’ compensation attorney in Beaufort, South Carolina, can ensure you get the money and benefits you need for all of life’s expenses and difficulties.

For example, Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC can help you recover your lost wages, get your medical bills paid, get you reimbursed you for mileage costs when visiting your medical appointments, and even get you set you up for a permanent disability payment, if that becomes necessary. No matter your situation, we’ll help you find the compensation options that make the most sense for your needs.

Just as importantly, we will handle all the problematic planning steps necessary for your claim.  We’ll talk to people who witnessed your injury, gather evidence from your doctor and other medical providers, prepare your court paperwork, discuss settlement options, provide you with solid legal advice, and do what we can to ensure you’re compensated appropriately. Comprehensive legal support should include all your physical and emotional needs.

That’s what makes Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC such an essential investment for your future. It’s all too easy to look at your employer’s denial as a defeat that you cannot overcome; however, that’s not the case. Although your employer may wrongly deny you benefits, they may have little legal leg to stand on against your claim. With our help, you can fight the legal red tape and get the monetary compensation you deserve.

Other Ways Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC Can Help You

Even if your workers’ compensation claim wasn’t denied, our team at Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC can provide high-quality support. We’re a workers’ compensation law firm in Beaufort County, South Carolina that the community trusts. As a result, we are ready to help you with support for various financial and medical situations that may impact you or create problems with your workers’ compensation claim. Understanding these issues can ensure you get great results.

For example, we can help you avoid serious mistakes such as filing too late, adding incorrect information, or not documenting your case correctly. We can also help you identify treatment for chronic pain, a common issue after a workplace injury. Our team works with multiple medical professionals to better understand these treatments and to help you find the support you need.

Our professionals at Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC consistently receive high praise from our clients and independent legal assessment organizations. That’s because we take your needs seriously and will do whatever we legally can to protect you. In addition, we aim to provide 100% satisfaction to each of our clients, to ensure they are financially and emotionally supported.

We WILL Fight For Your Compensation

When your employer denies your workers’ compensation, don’t fall into despair or accept the denial. Instead, fight for what you deserve, and get proper compensation for your suffering. At Law Office of Mary E. Jordan, LLC, we’re here to ensure that you get financial and medical support from your employer, and we will take all the challenging steps necessary to help you, including researching your case and filing your paperwork.

You can visit us at 35 Hospital Center Common, Suite 100, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, or call us at (843) 689-9565 to get started. Our crew of high-quality professionals will work with you to ensure you get the financial and medical support you need. Just as importantly, we work to make sure you’re emotionally healthy. We aim to ensure that you are correctly and fully supported during this challenging period in your life. We genuinely care about you and will do whatever we legally can to help. Don’t delay if you’ve been injured at work. Call us today to get the workers’ comp assistance that you need!

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